I’m going for a walk

In a week I will land in Porto and start walking. I have about 230 kilometres to walk, and I’ve given myself two weeks to walk them.

What the hell, you ask? Not a problem, I am here to explain.

For years now, my focus has been fairly fluid, but in general I’ve been concentrating either on putting all my energy into work, or going through fertility treatment. And now, I find myself in a point where (due to unsuccessful treatment and a ceiling at work) I am left with no focal point.

I might write tons of essays on the fertility subject, and just as many explaining struggles trying to pivot ones career, to keep on learning. But maybe I’ll attempt that next time.

So… I decided I need a break.

I find myself going through life on mindless repeat, home-work-(hospital). Every day being the same. Never going anywhere. Yet still growing older. I figured that I need to shake things up. So, I am removing myself from my life for two weeks. Leaving the cats and the husband at home. I hope walking (and walking, and walking… we’re talking at least 20k a day!) will help me re-set. Maybe it will be like a giant mindfulness session?

Santiago de Compostela is where I will be walking to. It’s a well known Christian pilgrimage destination, with excellent framework of hostels on the way. As my body is still recuperating from the treatment (my core muscles have moved away, with little notice – I figured this pilgrimage gives me both, a safety net, and enough push to the outsides of my fluffy comfort zone.

I want this trip to help me re-set and re-establish what I need and want to concentrate on (if anything at all – who’s to say one needs to focus?).

I leave next week. I am scared!