I use the http://www.leavelhearted.com as an address for this blog because, just like the level-headed people, I aim to keep my heart level.

What do I mean by that? I mean that I want to keep my feet on the ground, remember my values, appreciate what I’ve got, even then being deeply hurt by things that are happening around me.

I am an empath. You know what that means. I can empathise with other people’s emotions and states. I can understand them at a deep level, rather than just logical, cold, calculated, information and facts only way. Being an empath can be exhausting. Everything you care about takes so much of energy of your soul/heart/brain. You need to learn to prioritise self-care, especially at times when you’re being bombarded with awful things from all directions.

I am a feminist. You know what that means. I believe that women are people. That people of colour are people. That trans people are people… That we should treat this planet as a place where each of us can feel safe and loved. Being a feminist can be exhausting. And as a feminist you need to learn to prioritise self-care too.

Level-Hearted symbolises a state where I feel I have enough internal resources to care and support the causes that are dear to me. It is a state I strive to spend most of my time in. I want to be able to have enough energy, knowledge and ability in me to help others in finding their best way forward. And I want to feel safe and secure myself.