How do I manage to keep my sh*t together?!?

I ask myself this question frequently. Every time I do, it’s because although I have a good track record of keeping my sh*t together (as in, I always do), I am always surprised I manage to pull things off.

When facing a task (an event, an issue, even a pleasant one – like going on holiday), my brain triggers anxiety. Whatever this task is, however many times I have done this “thing” before – it does not matter.

You now when people tell you need to “get out of your comfort zone” – well I am constantly out of my comfort zone.

Now, this does not mean that I sit in secluded place, faraway from everyone and everything. Sometimes I think it would be nice, but then I remember that I also like being surrounded by people, and I like learning new things. See my issue here? 🙂

It means that I am putting myself out there all the time. In my mind I’m exposed, but to others I’m not different from someone who is comfortable most of the time.
It means that I can get overwhelmed, and that sometimes my ambivert ass needs some “alone time” to replenish the energy I need to get up, put my shields up and do this thing again the next day.
It means I keep learning about who I am, why I get anxious, and see what self care I need to invest my time in.
It means I need to learn the patterns, triggers and also the people  and situations that help.

That’s why it is important (for me) to invest time in understanding self and others.
This is the reason I got interested in psychology and sociology.
First to understand myself.
Second to see how different and the same we all are.
And following that rabbit hole has been very interesting…